Bike all running spare parts name pdf file

जो भाई लोग बाइक स्पेयर पार्ट्स शॉप खोलना चाहते है और उन्हें ये नही पता के किस पार्ट्स का किया नाम है कोन कोन सा पार्ट्स हमें लेना चाहिए जो ज्यादा बिकने वाला हो 
नीचे दिए नाम को पढ़ें और जानें 

स्पेयर पार्ट्स नाम 
Qasim auto 
Village town ,Naraini Mahagama
District ,Godda
State, Jharkhand Pin code,814154


Runing atom bike spair parts

Break show /Splendor shine bada chota,tvs bajaj bada chota, supar axle aage piche,
Activa break show
Clutch show activa 

Disk break paid age piche 
Disk break oil 
Shokar oil
Disk break cylinder mazer kit

Shoker oil seal hero honda pulsar FZ
Kick oil seal hero honda tvs honda bajaj
Megnet oil seal
Shokar nut rubber aage wala
Mudguard rubber aage wala
Handle rubber hero honda
Barsati rubber 
Chain cover rubber
Capling rubber ……
Shokar Boss rubber piche wala
Oil gase rubber
Girip cover rubber 
Liver set rubber
Futrest rubber /sport shine discover,
Kick rubber

Cylinder block kit
Cd100ss Passion Pro dream Yuga Honda shine glamour xpro TVS sport self


Break show spring /Sabhi bike ka 
Petrol t chabhi Splendor pulsar sports
Petrol T filter hero Splendor wala
Petrol tap dhakkan 
Petrol tape lock Splendor
Break rad पीछे …..
Break cam /hero splendor tvs sport shine

Handle,, Splendor tvs star glamour sports
Hulf axles …...
Chakka axles
Sentar stend /hero bajaj tvs honda सभी
Side stend सभी बाइक का stand pin ke sath
Gear liver 

Futrest ,,
Futrest set tvs sport साईड स्टैंड के साथ लगा होता है 
Stend spring .sabhi bike
Break rod spring 
Spark plugs ,hero honda . pulsar 
Plugs holdar sabhi bike ka

Clutch plate , Splendor tvs sports shine dream yuga xpro pro supar Splendor
Clutch Sentar hub

Kick gutka hero honda original
Air filter sabhi gadiyon ka
Oil filter

Timing chain sabhi gadiyon ka
Timing chain kit Hero Honda xpro dream Y
Timing chain roller Hero Honda bada chota
Timing chain tensioner Hero bike
Timing chain tensioner shine bike Apache ..pulsar
Valve hero honda starsiti shine supar ..Splendor discover 
Regulator battery charger supar Splendor sports apche discover 
CDI unit Passion pro.passion old, discover

Indicator sabhi bike
Indicator buzzer 
Flasher Hero bajaj 
Petrol pipe

Head pakink gasket 
Full pakink kit
Clutch cover pakink 
Megnet cover pakink 

Back light bulb
Headlight bulb
Number plate
Side mirror glass sabhi bike

Clutch brake lever set 
Clutch yoke Splendor discover 
Break yoke Splendor discover sports other

Clutch switch Hero Splendor passion
Front Break switch Splendor TVS Apache 
Girip exilator muth hero pulsar tvs sports
Metre pinion worm set.sabhi bike
Ball racer coni set. shine ,hero honda old, ..pulsar ,apche180,
Self carbon,splen shine sports pulsar ...dream yuga discover 
Self relay Splendor shine starsiti 
Ignition switch Splendor 4taar hf deluxe ..pulsar shine discover tvs apache sports 

Clutch cable
Brake cable
Accelerator cable
Metre cable
Metar taar super Splendor Hf deluxe

Tube 30018.27518.30017.27517.
Tyres 8010018. 9010017.8010017.8010019.27518.30018.30017.27517.

Chain chabhi , Splendor tvs discover ...pulsar supar Splendor glamour

Chain cover bolt
13 number bolt sabhi size
10 number bolt sabhi size
19 number chkka nut
Dikki Box patti 
Dikki lock 🔒
Dikki Box
Engine guard sabhi bike
Viser patti 
Screw bolt 

Battery fused ,
Hourn patti 
Battery 4lb 5lb
Seat covers 
Tank cover
Polish shine 
M seal 
Resibond gasket bond
3 bond gasket bond

Chain set 
Splendor Y2K , passion pro 44t ,shine, dream yuga,xpro, super Splendor 42t 14t, apche 180+160,tvs sports star siti, Pletina,boxer,twister,xblade hornet, pulsar 150+180,star siti plus, phonics,

Front spokit ,hero honda tvs discover apache shine hf deluxe

Chain cover
Engine oil lubricant
Gulf Castrol active castrol power 10w30 hero 4tplus,vedol elf servo bajaj dtsi 20w50/+10w30 ,hp oil make oil 

Fiver atom apne hisab se 

Ye sabhi parts bike related
Hero,Splendor passion hf deluxe xpro 
Supar Splendor glamour
Honda, dream yuga cd 110 shine ,
Bajaj ,pulsar discover pletina
,tvs sports starsiti phonics shine cd100 apche180 160 
CBZ xtreme Karizma zmr 
Scotty activa other

यहां से PDF file apload करें

Brand aap kisi bhi compny ka chun sakte hai jaise ,,hero orignal bajaj original tvs original honda original ya किसी कम्पनी का ये कंपनी नाम जानना चाहते है तो हमें यू ट्यूब कॉमेंट बॉक्स मैं लिखे या जीमेल पर पूछ सकते है 


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